Missing Great Dane - Napa, California

Our beloved black Great Dane, Griffin, has been missing since November 25, 2014. This big guy disappeared from his home in the Wooden Valley area of Napa, CA. Comprehensive efforts, including a facebook page ( have failed to bring home our beautiful boy. At this point in his journey, Griffin could be anywhere. That's why we need your help. To bring him home, we will need thousands of people joining in the search.

DESCRIPTION:  Our beloved black Great Dane is a neutered three-year-old. He is highly distinguishable by his white chest, long-cropped ears (left ear droops a bit) and white toe nails on his back paws. At the time of his disappearance from the Wooden Valley area of Napa, CA he weighed 180 pounds and was wearing a black nylon collar (silver ring) with nametags. He is not chipped, a hard lesson, but we do not consider this an insurmountable concern...we do believe, with thousands of eyes on his story from across the country, this amazing and well-loved family member will be returned.
Thank you for the love!